Change Starts Here

For 50 years, from school yards to world stages, we’ve been stepping forward to bring people together and make things happen. We believe positive change starts with education, and that when we work together, nothing can stop us. Change Starts Here is a platform to celebrate and share our partnerships with like-minded people. It’s a place where we will continue to use the power of education to inform, unite and inspire positive change.

We believe that education is the primary way to effect change in our communities.

As a brand that is synonymous with the classroom, we are putting education at the heart of our plans in terms of ‘People’. We will partner with organisations that share our value of togetherness to produce campaigns, events and activities that put education front and centre. We will continue to listen to and learn from our consumers, and work to speak about what matters most to them.

We are taking a conscious look at our impact on the planet, all the way through the product life cycle.

We will be learning from other brands and working internally to continually make improvements, learn and innovate. Find out more about our sustainability journey here.

The notions of bringing people together, of uniting against adversity & hate, of celebrating the positive rather than amplifying the negative, and of promoting education have never felt more relevant or necessary. Change Starts Here brings “our purpose” to life and ensures our actions speak louder than words – We are incredibly excited with the immediate Partnerships we have in place, but also with what the future holds.

– Marc Greene, Kickers Brand Director

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