Young Women’s Trust

Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation campaigning for economic justice for young women. They raise young women’s voices, challenge sexist stereotypes and rebuild workplaces free from discrimination. By offering free services to all young women aged 18-30, they help them build strong mental health and develop their personal and professional skills. Now, they’re building a movement of young women and their allies who are determined to create a fair and functioning society for all young women. We are so excited to join them on the journey.

Kickers are proud to work with Young Women’s Trust and help support the incredible work they do.

We have donated 10% of all sales of the Kickers x Confetti crowd collaboration to YWT, as well as holding a raffle during  the exclusive launch event in March with all proceeds going to the organisation.

  1. Over a million young women in the UK are unemployed or struggling to make ends meet on low paid, unreliable work.
  2. Half of young mums in work skip meals once a week to provide for their children.
  3. Only a third of young women think they’ll be debt-free by the time they’re 40.
  4. Young women who experience sexism are five times more likely to have depression.

Our collaboration with Confetti Crowd is the ultimate expression of Girl Power.

Bright, bold, and empowering – these boots were made to make you feel confident. What’s more, they are our first vegan-friendly boot! Shop the collection here.

This collaboration was a perfect fit – Kickers has always brought tribes together, believing in the power of the collective to bring about change. The Confetti Crowd embody the essence of friendship, leading a charge for female empowerment, always supporting each other through good times and bad. And neither of us are afraid of a bit of colour! We also both believe in celebrating those trying to develop themselves and to challenge stereotypes, which is why we’re huge fans and supporters of the Young Women’s Trust.

– Marc Greene, Brand Director

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